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The Fight (3/3)


I was drowning
Drowning in sorrow
Perhaps, it was madness
It could have been sadness
A sea of emotions
The sea I built up
With these toxic emotions
Feeding on my
But just memories
You weren’t real
Your were
A fantasy
You were
What I made you to be
Now I know
What unreal means

Now I know
It wasn’t love I felt
It was just an infatuation
Infatuation for an entity
I built in my head
You see
I was a fool
A fool in love
I am a fool no longer
I am a fighter
And I fight
To save my sanity
So pack your bags
Take your number
And your fake apologies
There’s no room for you
No room
For your vanity
No longer will you live
Inside of me

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Love Always, 

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This Mess (2/3)


Your legacy
It’s still haunting me
Haunting me like ghosts
Not from the past
These ghosts
Are the ones who live
In my present
They have no business here
Yet they linger
Making me miserable
Stopping me from moving forward
Tying my feet with these shackles
Shackles, only I can see
Making my life miserable
Yet I am not this person
I am not defined by misery
I won’t be

So I turn to madness
I am mad, so mad
At you, at the world
Mad at everyone
At everything, but mostly
Mad at myself
For not being able
To give my heart
To anybody else
Not because I love you
Because I truly don’t
I am not trying to delude myself
Or give myself false hope
I loved you, yes
But that’s no longer the case
Gosh, I am so mad
Mad at this mess
You left behind

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Love Always,


Image Source: Skywallpapershd.com – Jennifer Gelinas

These Tears (1/3)


I never had your love
But I have this pain
Which you gave to me
Not as a parting gift
You brought it along
When you first came into my life
It’s never ending
This pain
It’s Omnipresent
Always there
In the background
Screaming, hurting
Never letting me forget
Reminding me, always repeating
The lessons I’ll never forget

Yet, I can’t recall the number of times
I’ve cried
Cried like a madwoman
The amount of tears that have fallen
Countless tears
Out of these eyes, these poor eyes
Putting the oceans to shame
These tears
They fell unchecked
They fell gently, sometimes rapidly
Flowing into nothingness
Some drying on my cheeks
Some kissing my lips
Always falling, never stopping
These tears

Trying my hand at something new. Let me know what you think.

Love Always,


Never Home

Thoughts and emotions
Run high and low
As I watch the gentle flame
Burn aglow
A strange atmosphere
Surrounds me
As I scorch in the
Wicked cold
Trying to free myself
From your
Magnetic hold
The attempt is
That I already know
You have a place
In my heart
But you’re never home

Image Source: http://hqwallbase.com/117880-alone/

Miss Me

Will you miss the way I gave you my all
Will you miss the way I answered your every call

Will you miss how in my life you had the starring role
Will you miss the way you owned my mind, body and soul

Will you miss the way my arms around your neck rest
Will you miss how well my body fit against you chest

Will you miss the way your name escaped my lip
Will you miss how my essence filled you up to the tip

Will you miss how my heart beat with yours in sync
Will you miss the way my body was covered in your ink

Will you miss how good we were together
Will you miss what could have been whether

We were meant to be, I can’t help wonder
Will you ever miss me?

~Romancing Life