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Learn to be kind to yourself

You don’t have to pick yourself apart

At every handed chance

Leave that for the others

Most are happy to play the part

I know, I know, it’s hard

You don’t have to do much

Just a simple smile to start


Their Story – Part (ii)

Beware,” he said
“Comprehend the truth
I am not fond of playing games.
Who I was has been long lost.
Through the ages,
The lives that I have lived,
Have stolen my name.
The lies I have ingested,
The betrayals I embraced,
The fame I gathered,
In the wake of my own destruction,
The beautiful calamity,
In whose hands, my fate had laid,
All have carved out this man,
In front of you now he stands.

Come closer if you dare,
But don’t for a second think,
I haven’t caught your stare.
I see what with much finesse,
You try to hide.
Your sinful smile and doe-like eyes,
Don’t do much to mask,
What truly lies behind.
The look in your eyes…”
She blinks, finally having understood.
“Yes that’s the one.
I have seen it one too many times,
A mirrored reflection,
Of the damage and anarchy,
Those too reside behind mine.”

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Image Source: The Embrace – Fabian Perez 

The Fight (3/3)


I was drowning
Drowning in sorrow
Perhaps, it was madness
It could have been sadness
A sea of emotions
The sea I built up
With these toxic emotions
Feeding on my
But just memories
You weren’t real
Your were
A fantasy
You were
What I made you to be
Now I know
What unreal means

Now I know
It wasn’t love I felt
It was just an infatuation
Infatuation for an entity
I built in my head
You see
I was a fool
A fool in love
I am a fool no longer
I am a fighter
And I fight
To save my sanity
So pack your bags
Take your number
And your fake apologies
There’s no room for you
No room
For your vanity
No longer will you live
Inside of me

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Love Always, 

Image Source: WallpaperUp