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Foolishness Knows No End


Have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger Effect? For those of you who haven’t, “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to recognize their mistakes.”*

While familiar with the basics of the concept, I was never so intimately introduced to it as I was in the past couple of days. I am someone who by default runs on intuition; I tend to make decisions based entirely on strong hunches and feelings. I have spent all my life under the illusion, “I feel…,” therefore it must be right. I say things without thinking them through. “I am right”, I say, “being wrong isn’t even an option” and so it has been all my life until of course life finally decided to show me the mirror. In the past couple of days, a long string of conversations, a couple of forwarded articles have all lead to a single conclusion.

I have been a fake. A pretender. An ignorant fool. I thought I knew all there was to know because I felt it. It has to take someone wholly simple, someone utterly unaware of the basic universal principles to make claims of such kind and have the nerve to boast about them. I must thank my stars for Lady Luck has been kind to me, and so far I have not had to pay for my erroneous ways.

Socrates once famously said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” I am a fool, I realize. A fool for whom there is yet hope for the universe is never ending source of knowledge. Some of it is within my reach, so I will endeavour to scratch the surface but there is only so much I can grasp in the short time I have been granted on this Earth. Though, I am no where near wise, never have been, but now, this I have no shame in admitting, “I know nothing.”

© Romancing Life, 2018

*Source: “Why People Fail to Recognize Their Own Incompetence” from Current Directions in Psychological Science


It Hurts

I have been afraid to write of love lately. It takes away too much out of me.

Love is the essence of living. And there are days, which these days are most days when I feel it hurts too much to speak of love with careless abandon. I did so once. Perhaps even dared to do it twice. Once all was said done, I was left with a mere shell of my words. 

If I dab my pen too much into love’s ink, it hurts. It hurts when I speak of what I had. It hurts when I speak of what I don’t have. It hurts to look at my empty hands and I realize even my wishes have slipped through my fingers. 
© Romancing Life | 2017

It happens because it has to

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Just as the grass will turn green in spring and the leaves, a myriad of colours in October, the Earth will become barren come winter. The sun will rise to give birth where decay once lay. It will rise to burn life to the ground. The rain will fall when the Earth is parched. It will fall even when the Earth has had too much to drink. This is the balance of nature.

Your body grows until it begins to shrink. You rise and fall with every breath. You disintegrate and renew each day. Year after year. Month after month. Day after day. The cycle repeats. Like love and and heartbreak. You love. You hurt. You forget and you learn to love again. This is the balance of life. Always precise. Not an event out of line.

Don’t question the timing of things. Everything happens precisely when it should. As it should. Precisely.

© Romancing life | 2017

Lanterns on the Moon

Oh, it’s been a long and lonely ride. Stumbling through this life, you’ve made a pit stop every time someone has offered to be kind. To love the rotten parts of you, just enough to keep you alive. In your desperation, you let them, knowing all too well, with every encounter your heart was crying. A little more each time. Eventually, the tears turning into oceans, and the waves pulling you towards the Eastern shores, where I reside. For your welcome, even the silver orb shines, illuminating the night sky. And, baby if the brightest beacon is not enough to guide you home, I’ll hang lanterns on the moon.

© Romancing Life (2017)