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Lanterns on the Moon

Oh, it’s been a long and lonely ride. Stumbling through this life, you’ve made a pit stop every time someone has offered to be kind. To love the rotten parts of you, just enough to keep you alive. In your desperation, you let them, knowing all too well, with every encounter your heart was crying. A little more each time. Eventually, the tears turning into oceans, and the waves pulling you towards the Eastern shores, where I reside. For your welcome, even the silver orb shines, illuminating the night sky. And, baby if the brightest beacon is not enough to guide you home, I’ll hang lanterns on the moon.

© Romancing Life (2017)

Do You Believe?


There are things and occurrences in this world and beyond that science or our minds cannot explain. There is something outside the realm of comprehension. I am not very religious if at all but I do believe in that something. What that something might be is up for interpretation. Something is not the same thing for everyone but that something is so very important. So tell me do you believe?