These Tears (1/3)


I never had your love
But I have this pain
Which you gave to me
Not as a parting gift
You brought it along
When you first came into my life
It’s never ending
This pain
It’s Omnipresent
Always there
In the background
Screaming, hurting
Never letting me forget
Reminding me, always repeating
The lessons I’ll never forget

Yet, I can’t recall the number of times
I’ve cried
Cried like a madwoman
The amount of tears that have fallen
Countless tears
Out of these eyes, these poor eyes
Putting the oceans to shame
These tears
They fell unchecked
They fell gently, sometimes rapidly
Flowing into nothingness
Some drying on my cheeks
Some kissing my lips
Always falling, never stopping
These tears

Trying my hand at something new. Let me know what you think.

Love Always,



23 thoughts on “These Tears (1/3)”

      1. I have. In many ways. So many ways. I am just glad to be writing again. I write in the hopes that someone else will find solace in my words… in hopes that they find the strength in them that I once lacked. 🙂

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