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A Pumpkin’s Tale

This piece managed to bring the biggest and most genuine smile on my face. One of the most important person in my life fondly calls me Pumpkin. It is a reminder of happy times and even happier memories. I hope it brings forth a smile on your face as well. Happy reading!


Find a little kid to share a snuggle with, get yourself some pumpkin pie and read this to them. They will love you forever, or at least a very long time until they become teenagers. If there is no kid around, read this tale of a jack-o-lantern to yourself, and the child within you will be revived and excited just in time for Halloween!  


Walking through an eerie forest trail,

I heard a soft whimper from beneath.

I knelt down to see what the poor thing was by my feet.

Buried under freshly fallen red leaves

sat the most orange, roundest and plumpest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!

It’s eyes were perfect triangles, my teacher would give them the highest grade,

a fair little nose above a tiny stretch of squiggles – its mouth was so finely made.

“Oh little pumpkin, why do you cry?”

“you are so beautiful, tears don’t suit your eyes.” I whispered.

After sobbing a…

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Devil Dear


Dedicated to all the good girls who fell for the bad boy at some point in their lives… 

Oh how you wound me
With your careless abandon

Bringing me in close
Then letting me dangle

Malicious thoughts, nature vile
Those intoxicating eyes, that sinful smile

Offering a kiss and something more
A sure promise of settling score

My shaky resolve not worth a dime
Magnetic pull – stronger each time

Never learning, making the same mistake
Anything to ease this endless ache

Not the good guy, always the other
Falling from one soulless heart to another

In love with the Devil reincarnate
Always the same antics, just a different face

Image Source: Devian Art

Lonely Young Woman

The lonely little girl grew up
To be a vivacious young woman
The smile that graced her face
Not entirely the same
Her resolve slowly cracking
For that she had nobody to blame

She lost the footing
That once she used to ground
Trust, she could no longer revive
Not of herself, nor of those around
So did the only thing she could
Living as she would just to survive

Moving on was a pretence to be kept
Something amiss from her story
Now glazed the once passionate eyes
Masking the fear or making up for the lack fury
The wrongs she continued to suffer
Never got a day in front of the jury

The vow of silence she continued to keep
Screaming away her pain quietly
In the dead of night she continued to weep
Life is oft not fair that much is knew
Justice would be served if God existed
She prayed softly for her faith to renew.

Never Home

Thoughts and emotions
Run high and low
As I watch the gentle flame
Burn aglow
A strange atmosphere
Surrounds me
As I scorch in the
Wicked cold
Trying to free myself
From your
Magnetic hold
The attempt is
That I already know
You have a place
In my heart
But you’re never home

Image Source: http://hqwallbase.com/117880-alone/