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The Truth about Love

Close your eyes

if your heart so desires,

the surrounding forest

does not disappear.

The trees stand tall.

The grass still grows lush.

Animals make a home

and the birds a nest.

If I close my eyes,

the forest remains;

it lives.

As does this forest of love

I keep hidden

within the parts of me,

where light has no reason to travel.

It grows still, for the ways of nature,

life and the sun,

though easily perceived,

are seldom accepted.

©️Romancing Life


It Hurts

I have been afraid to write of love lately. It takes away too much out of me.

Love is the essence of living. And there are days, which these days are most days when I feel it hurts too much to speak of love with careless abandon. I did so once. Perhaps even dared to do it twice. Once all was said done, I was left with a mere shell of my words. 

If I dab my pen too much into love’s ink, it hurts. It hurts when I speak of what I had. It hurts when I speak of what I don’t have. It hurts to look at my empty hands and I realize even my wishes have slipped through my fingers. 
© Romancing Life | 2017

Man of Glass (ii)


he had no answer
for her question.
no, he had none.
“I’ve come to save you,”
she smiled,
a very wide smile,
indicating what she
was about say
should have been
common sense –
still, he stood quiet
and numb.
“would you rather I walk
and leave you to suffer –
this ceaseless ache?”
string – she finally
stuck a cord.
ignoring the pain
in a deep husky
note he spoke,
“but, how?
how can you save me?
i am a man made glass
pain is not separate from me
this ache is who I am.
I have been boiled and bubbled,
cooled and simmered,
I was a molten liquid once,
molded into this mortal state.
having been
torched and toiled,
I have survived
for as long as I can –
not because I am weak.
no, you have to understand
i’d rather be pierced
a million times – and again
salvation is not what I seek.”

__________________To Be Continued__________________

If he seeks not salvation, what does he seek?

Let me know what you think!




I cried for you
I cried for me
I cried for us
For our broken hearts
And our shattered dreams
I cried for the possibility
Of what we could be

I cried for the love we shared
I cried for all those moments
In which we cared
More than I am willing to admit
I cried for the happiness
That’s been lost
Perhaps it will find its way home
After the storm has had time to sit

I cried for the little moments
Of craziness and joy
I cried for the finality
Of the reality
That I could foresee
Knowing that our chapter in life
Had come to an end
It was now time
To turn a new leaf

Broken-hearted while I may be
I find solace in having been given
The chance to know
A soul as beautiful
And resilient as yours
To have been touched by
Your kindness
Your special brand of crazy

I knew forgetting you
Was not an option
Letting you go wasn’t easy
I wanted to hold on so selfishly
If only I was brave or fooling enough
To choose a path that I knew
Would lead to destruction
Doing irreparable damage
To both you and me

For a fact I know
I can never explicate
What you meant to me
But I do know this
I loved you
I always will
It was my misfortune
And mine alone
That I couldn’t love you
The way you wanted to be

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The Fight (3/3)


I was drowning
Drowning in sorrow
Perhaps, it was madness
It could have been sadness
A sea of emotions
The sea I built up
With these toxic emotions
Feeding on my
But just memories
You weren’t real
Your were
A fantasy
You were
What I made you to be
Now I know
What unreal means

Now I know
It wasn’t love I felt
It was just an infatuation
Infatuation for an entity
I built in my head
You see
I was a fool
A fool in love
I am a fool no longer
I am a fighter
And I fight
To save my sanity
So pack your bags
Take your number
And your fake apologies
There’s no room for you
No room
For your vanity
No longer will you live
Inside of me

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Love Always, 

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