The Fight (3/3)


I was drowning
Drowning in sorrow
Perhaps, it was madness
It could have been sadness
A sea of emotions
The sea I built up
With these toxic emotions
Feeding on my
But just memories
You weren’t real
Your were
A fantasy
You were
What I made you to be
Now I know
What unreal means

Now I know
It wasn’t love I felt
It was just an infatuation
Infatuation for an entity
I built in my head
You see
I was a fool
A fool in love
I am a fool no longer
I am a fighter
And I fight
To save my sanity
So pack your bags
Take your number
And your fake apologies
There’s no room for you
No room
For your vanity
No longer will you live
Inside of me

This concludes the series! I hope you enjoyed. Click here to ‘These Tears’ & ‘This Mess’

Love Always, 

Image Source: WallpaperUp


18 thoughts on “The Fight (3/3)”

  1. Everyone needs to send this to that someone! This piece stirred up a lot of emotions in me, and no they were not all nice! Fantastic writing, capturing things that are felt so deep in the heart!


  2. “It was just an infatuation
    Infatuation for an entity
    I built in my head” — story of my love life. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this. I’m trying to stop doing that but its hard when you’re a writer and reality is the stuff you reorder in your head. Your poem is a good wake up call. How many of us see what we want to see in the other person instead of what’s really there?

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