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Love Me Forever


The Truth

If I do not say it,

you do not listen.

If I do not show it,

you do not see.

If I do not express it,

you do not perceive.

If I do not live it,

you do not believe.

It matters not,

what I do,

or do not do.

Your mere wish

not to hear it

will not change

the truth.

©️Romancing Life

Restless God

Do I have to scrape my knees
to reach the restless God;
fatigue my skin enough
to tear it at the seams?

There will be blood
enough to wet the tired lips,
a kiss of a whisper
before the alter
where I may offer a prayer,
that may be answered,
may be not.

The suffering though,
will have been worth it,
if the path you travel
turns towards me
once more.

©️ Romancing Life

A Postcard from Paris

A Postcard from Paris

I consider myself not to be a materialistic person, odd for someone who places so much value onto material things; onto material things that represent memories. Take this postcard for example, bought of a street vendor lining the ever charming streets of Paris some six years ago. I intended for it to be sent to a dear friend, which you might have guessed from the forewords, never happened.

I found it recently, sitting pretty at bottom of my memory box, collecting dust. Albeit well preserved, a sad little thing if you ask me, holding onto something meant to be someone else’s memory. I never let it have that opportunity. I never let that special someone’s face light up with joy because I was selfish, that too in a way that served me no purpose.

My memories have a home in mind, in my heart, far more precious than a piece of cardboard with no address label or message of affection. All these years later, I wonder why I held on? I wonder why am I still holding on? Was I simply being selfish or was it because I didn’t want to let go of the dream?

©️ Romancing Life

Should Have. Could Have

Artwork: @sandra.cumplido (Instagram)

I should have talked to you. Your soft smiles were an indication enough, I should have stopped you, but you were always so immersed in your ways. Shy glances and sweet sighs. So many confessions twirled on your tongue, like sweet hard candy, melting before I could ever hear their crunch. Every once in while you would smile, let the secrets reflect in your eyes. And, I would forget. Forget your pensive stares. To remember what was in front of me. A mirage, that was all you. You and a semblance of me. A shadow that bore our names. Us. Together. In a different lifetime. In an alternate reality. But this, I cannot forget; we are here, in the now, in this place. In this actuality, you don’t talk and I don’t hear. We don’t speak and you are not near. I live with regret, for the things I didn’t do, the words I didn’t let escape in submission to my fears. Perhaps, it is too late. Time is too far gone to say, I should have stopped you. I should have talked to you.

© Romancing Life, 2018

It Hurts

I have been afraid to write of love lately. It takes away too much out of me.

Love is the essence of living. And there are days, which these days are most days when I feel it hurts too much to speak of love with careless abandon. I did so once. Perhaps even dared to do it twice. Once all was said done, I was left with a mere shell of my words. 

If I dab my pen too much into love’s ink, it hurts. It hurts when I speak of what I had. It hurts when I speak of what I don’t have. It hurts to look at my empty hands and I realize even my wishes have slipped through my fingers. 
© Romancing Life | 2017

It happens because it has to

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Just as the grass will turn green in spring and the leaves, a myriad of colours in October, the Earth will become barren come winter. The sun will rise to give birth where decay once lay. It will rise to burn life to the ground. The rain will fall when the Earth is parched. It will fall even when the Earth has had too much to drink. This is the balance of nature.

Your body grows until it begins to shrink. You rise and fall with every breath. You disintegrate and renew each day. Year after year. Month after month. Day after day. The cycle repeats. Like love and and heartbreak. You love. You hurt. You forget and you learn to love again. This is the balance of life. Always precise. Not an event out of line.

Don’t question the timing of things. Everything happens precisely when it should. As it should. Precisely.

© Romancing life | 2017