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The Lilac Sky

‘The Lilac Sky’

I seek the path that

takes me through

the lilac sky

framed in rose coloured glass,

to the road beyond

the limits of the eternal sun.

I seek the universe within you,

that something, which

you seek in me;

the light catching fire

in your eyes

and the dance of a smile

on my lips.

©️Romancing Life


What is beauty?

There is beauty in this world that is more than what the eyes can perceive. This beauty is as natural as nature, as apparent as instinct, and rare, much like common sense. This beauty is of and beyond this world. To understand it, you have to let go any preconceived notions you have and wipe your memory clean. Forget what you know of beauty, to understand and feel that, which cannot be seen.

©️ Romancing Life

It happens because it has to

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Just as the grass will turn green in spring and the leaves, a myriad of colours in October, the Earth will become barren come winter. The sun will rise to give birth where decay once lay. It will rise to burn life to the ground. The rain will fall when the Earth is parched. It will fall even when the Earth has had too much to drink. This is the balance of nature.

Your body grows until it begins to shrink. You rise and fall with every breath. You disintegrate and renew each day. Year after year. Month after month. Day after day. The cycle repeats. Like love and and heartbreak. You love. You hurt. You forget and you learn to love again. This is the balance of life. Always precise. Not an event out of line.

Don’t question the timing of things. Everything happens precisely when it should. As it should. Precisely.

© Romancing life | 2017

Temple of Isis


There was magic in,

your ancient ruins.

Even as you stood,

in a brand new part.

An ageing  memory by day,

By evening,

a piece of art.

Shrine to the Goddess Isis.

By nightfall,

alight with mystic energy,

present within from the start.

Image: Templo de Debod, Madrid – From the personal archive! 

Au Pied De Cochon – Paris

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may diet. ~ Harry Kurnitz


Comments: I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to visit Paris a couple of times. I have to say this is one the most beautiful patios of a restaurant I’ve ever seen. I had the opportunity to photograph it in the summer months as well however, the second time around the grapes were missing! Has anyone been to the restaurant? Any reviews? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂