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Their Story – Part (i)

Lush seating, champagne & wine
Under the pale golden light
Of the grand ballroom
She saw in him
A reflection of herself
It’s worth to mention
He sported
A tight Grin
Apprehension in sight

His words resonated
Deep within her being
Mirroring the echoes
Long trying to escape
The walls of the caves
She’d built
Her mangled heart
No longer in the position to heal
Thinking it would be better
If she refused to feel

A classic story – hers
Of rags to riches
Oops – riches to rags
The love she should have
Saved for herself – a treasure
She handed out like charity
To those in need
The tender touch with which
She needed to soothe her wounds
Lost – now her calloused hands
Provide no warmth

Thousand different places
His words touched her
All shattered pieces of her
Somehow still together
Despite being broken
The poor heart
One of them special – the most
The only part that now
Belonged to her
It was hers to own

Image Source: Fabian Perez

Dimidium [Masterpiece]

The canvas of my soul is no longer empty
For you have made it your home
A beautiful stranger or the devil himself
Who you really are I can no longer tell, still
I continue this endeavour for my sanity’s sake
How can I forget, to you the promise I made

I started with the smile that first drew me in
Beautiful, for there is no other word for it
The only way I can describe the sly grin
Embodiment of mischief, trouble personified
Unable to decode it’s silence
I can assure you my dear I have tried

Then came your eyes, harder to depict
They are like the stars, shimmering red, gold and blue,
Their splendour surpassed by none other than the one
That’s always due to come out right after then sun
With jagged edges, rough patches and valleys dark
He shines brighter than all the rest of the stars

You might think that I spoke too soon
If you look closely, he actually shines brighter than the moon
The ethereal glow ever present on his face
Illuminating the his features, epitome of grace
I long to immortalize in words only what my eyes have seen
The angel, the devil and all that is in between

We’re halfway through our journey! From here onwards things will change up a bit. The next few instalments will feature a little bit about the painter before we wrap it up with completion of the ‘metaphorical’ painting. Thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride. If you’re reading for the first time… be sure to read the other  poems in the Masterpiece series [Click here]!!

Love Always,

Image Source: Portrait by Harding Meyer

Love As Is

A small dedication to the celebration of Love

Whether celebrated
Or mourned
Unrequited or
Be it revered
Or scorned

Love is, was and will be
Forever desired, bringing
Joy for the loved
Pain for the deprived
Longing for the separated
Bliss for the ones united
All worth the struggle
Sometimes rewarded
Or cause for trouble

Love is, was and will be
Forever celebrated
As Valentine’s Day
In a marriage or
An anniversary
As an affair
A miracle or
Even a tragedy.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.
Wishing you much love!

Romancing Life

A Walk in Autumn

Red, orange, yellow, browns and blues
The path oft decorated with vibrant hues

Eerie sound made by the rustling leaves
The light wind shy of the magic it weaves

Way lit by the brilliance of the setting sun
Senses bewitched by the quaint valley one by one

A chilly fall evening showcasing its splendor
Demure smiles, coy looks, young love in all its grandeur

Leading the travellers on a journey most romantic
The beat of the hearts can be heard, getting a bit frantic

Two hands linked, a fit so fine and unique as lock and key
They walk in silence in the chosen fashion of destiny

Love always,

~ Romancing Life

Image Source: http://wallklik.com/

Raging Storm

My love I am giving you my heart
It’s yours to keep, ugliness apart
Chaos mars it appearance
You can see the bruised corners
The beaten and battered walls
Evident are it’s battle scars

It’s been a through a lot you see
Magnificence and bewitching eminence
Memories of the long forgotten past
It’s a fighter, this one, rugged yet compelling
Though it holds a sea of pain so vast
Hasn’t learned to give up yet

So here’s me taking another chance
With words that oft go unwritten
Sensations that cannot be explained
The hurricane of convulsing emotions
Battling to surpass the flood gates
To cause the inevitable destruction

Here take my heart and place it with yours
Let the storm rage and the waves crash
Anticipate the uproar and cherish the burn
Of salt water and force of nature
Let it leave you breathless and drown you whole
Don’t you see I’ve got you now so

Feel all that I’ve ever felt and once loved
Feel the dissipating dreams burning slow
Feel the devastation of every suffered blow
Feel the tears of each shattered hope
Feel the betrayal of the once treasured, turned foe
Feel the helplessness of a broken soul

No longer will you need excuses
Nor false promises or sweet lies
The lock to door has now been opened
Take a deep look and see for yourself
Why I am afraid I cannot love you
No matter that it’s all I hope to

~~ Romancing Life

Image Source: WallpapersHD

My Beautiful Stranger

Walked into life my you did
As the first summer rain
Arrives quenching the thirst
Of the yearning ground
Or perhaps like the winter snow
Doing it’s very first round
Ever so subtly enhancing the
Beauty of all that is around

The pen refuses to move
As it’s put to paper
Words no longer sufficient
To describe what you mean to me
You’re not what was expected
Nor could’ve been dreamed of
You’re all that was ever needed
You’re what is now and all that will be

Though mysterious is your aura
And your face covered with haze
Yet the mind paints a picture
Of a beautiful soul which I now seek
No matter how steep the danger
When I find you, if ever
May be I’ll be able to gather the courage
To call you my beautiful stranger

~Romancing Life

Image Source: WallpapersHD