Man of Glass (iii)

She – a delicate rose,
her petals easily
Still, she was a rose
her essence
And though,
the man of glass
for a moment
left her stunned.
She even felt a little
Gathering herself,
she raised her voice
an octave,
in anger
she spoke,
“Don’t speak
so brazenly boy.
You’re not a man yet
neither a boy.
You exist between
reality and the shadows.
You might be willing
to endure this pain.
For now,
you think you have
nothing to gain.
You stand here
an unmovable statue
unable to heal.”
Her hand slowly moved to
touch his face,
“you may not be weak,
but you don’t know of
what you speak.
I am the salvation,
which you claim
that you do not seek.”
She lifts her sooty lashes
mirrors his expression –
his crippled face.
Her arms lift to
reach his back,
they are now locked
in an intimiate embrace.
The end of this story
she left at the hands of


What do you think fate has in store for them?

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2 thoughts on “Man of Glass (iii)”

  1. oh wow, what a turn! You write strong women well! This is a wonderful turn to the story, I can’t wait to read what happens next. Does he reject her? Does she save him? Or does she enter into his hell?


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