Man of Glass (iv)

Man of Glass copy

In his tightly
held embrace,
the beautiful rose
began to dissipate.
The atmosphere turned dark.
In seconds
the temperature dropped
a degree or ten.
A strong gust of wind
passed them by;
the earth beneath their feet,
silently quivered.
No heed was paid.
her velvety red petals
began to scatter,
here and there;
Within moments she was
into a scarlet storm.
A tornado of red,
surrounding the
man made of glass.
The fury of nature, –
For the longest while
not a thing could heard
or seen.
An age might have passed,
before the things began to calm.
He was certain,
he heard a loud gasp.
The rose was no longer
in his arms.
He looked at his empty hands
he could feel no pain.
He lifted arms,
then his legs,
surprised at ability to flex.
The dark crimson rose
had given up herself –
merged with him;
the two
one flesh.

_______________________ THE END___________________

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Let me know what you guys think! Love y’all.

~ Rose



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