Man of Glass


he – a shattered man
made of glass
barely holding together
his physical form
the pain
a million shards
through his bones
a gentle hand
caresses the place
where his heart beats
the softest of touch
overwhelmingly kind
“please don’t touch me,”
he forewarns
“please don’t…”
“shhh,” her hand is now
at his lips
a lone droplet of
crimson liquid escapes
from the tip
of her delicate
“don’t speak,”
she whispers her lips
moving next to his ear
placing a featherlight kiss
a little nip
another droplet of blood
escapes her lips
“stop,” he’s begging now
if he could
he would drop down to his knees
she backs away
finally answering his plea
“what do you think I am here for?”


To be continued…..

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26 thoughts on “Man of Glass”

  1. wow this is spectacular! You have man made of glass and I just encased a guy in ice! Love the way our thoughts are working in parallel! I really love this. I’m looking forward to the sequel. I like that there’s a strong woman involved with man made of broken glass. There’s just so much there to play with!

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