Grace (iii)


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Drip, Drip.
The scarlet pool surrounding her
blanched skin grows larger.
As her life force grows thinner,
there is low humming in the
background – a slight buzz.
The likes of
songs of sultry sirens;
hypnotic notes – mermaid made,
lulling her into an almost
catatonic state.
Recalling the mellifluous sound of his voice
crystal-clear – the gravelly dulcet tone,
“Come back,” the words echo
bouncing of the ghostly walls.
“Come back to me darling,” he whispers again,
“Come back home.”
It might be her imagination running wild
or the reality- in truth
she could no longer educe.
The noise is slowly fading,
her breath grows shallow and
her body is now weak.
All the remenanets of his love
form her system have now bled away.
She’s but an empty shell
a structure of misery and bone;
too late, too late now,
she’s far too gone
to come back home
to his familiar embrace.
His voice – no longer
her saving grace.
——The End——
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Please let me know what you all thought? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

10 thoughts on “Grace (iii)”

  1. The individual parts creates a read worth waiting for the next with anticipation. Each with its own relevance and wonderfully written to carry its own weight but
    I read all three as one and let me say, you’ve written a spectacular story in magnificent prose. Bang-o-Rang!!

    Liked by 2 people

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