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Grace (iii)


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Drip, Drip.
The scarlet pool surrounding her
blanched skin grows larger.
As her life force grows thinner,
there is low humming in the
background – a slight buzz.
The likes of
songs of sultry sirens;
hypnotic notes – mermaid made,
lulling her into an almost
catatonic state.
Recalling the mellifluous sound of his voice
crystal-clear – the gravelly dulcet tone,
“Come back,” the words echo
bouncing of the ghostly walls.
“Come back to me darling,” he whispers again,
“Come back home.”
It might be her imagination running wild
or the reality- in truth
she could no longer educe.
The noise is slowly fading,
her breath grows shallow and
her body is now weak.
All the remenanets of his love
form her system have now bled away.
She’s but an empty shell
a structure of misery and bone;
too late, too late now,
she’s far too gone
to come back home
to his familiar embrace.
His voice – no longer
her saving grace.
——The End——
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Grace (II)

Artwork by Elisabeth Lisa
Grace (ii/iii) (Read Below)
She remembers his face,
a face all too familiar.
The rhapsodic look in his eyes,
the gentle curve of his smile
the sharp edges of his jaw,
the sleek terrain of his nose
the darkness emanating
from his being,
his magnetic pull
ever so strong.
A face, all too familiar,
one too many times she’s seen.
A face she’s known for ages
since her soul was
birthed into existence,
age after age,
eon after eon;
engraved into her conscious.
She seeks him out
in every lifetime,
sometimes several times
in one,
only to be scorned
but always with a touch of love.
She seeks, she struggles, she strives
she finds, she falls, she loves,
somehow it’s never enough.
—–To Be Continued—-
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Heart of Steel


I know
you have a big heart.
It’s wounded
but it’s so big.
Bleeding red,
the scarlet ink,
the map
and length
of your
liquid steel
You mold,
bend and
with sheer will.
My brave-little
you can’t fix
it all.
This world
is drowning in
this black hole –
sea of pain
Your ocean-big
can’t possibly
contain it

© 2016 Romancing Life



Dancing with the Devil (i)


Image Source: Be Sketchy
“You have the face of
a devil,”
her laughter echoed
the old marble structure
under which they stood.
He frowned.
She giggled some more,
her melodious voice
bouncing of the ancient walls –
walls that had not heard
a mortal sound
long lifetimes past.
“…like that of an innocent child,
untouched, pure and milky white.”
Bewildered, and bemused
he looked up
and then down,
after a deep thought
concluding she’d lost
her pretty mind.
She’d heard
the words he didn’t
her mind a million
miles away,
the part of her present
with his continued to play,
“You’re are a beautiful man,
too beautiful of your own good,
I see the your gentle facade,
truly my love,
you are a work of art.
I am afraid though,
despite your charms
you’ve lost this war.
you’ve lost your chance.
I won’t offer the
devil another dance.”
© 2016 Romancing Life

Man of Glass


he – a shattered man
made of glass
barely holding together
his physical form
the pain
a million shards
through his bones
a gentle hand
caresses the place
where his heart beats
the softest of touch
overwhelmingly kind
“please don’t touch me,”
he forewarns
“please don’t…”
“shhh,” her hand is now
at his lips
a lone droplet of
crimson liquid escapes
from the tip
of her delicate
“don’t speak,”
she whispers her lips
moving next to his ear
placing a featherlight kiss
a little nip
another droplet of blood
escapes her lips
“stop,” he’s begging now
if he could
he would drop down to his knees
she backs away
finally answering his plea
“what do you think I am here for?”


To be continued…..

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Their Story – Part (i)

Lush seating, champagne & wine
Under the pale golden light
Of the grand ballroom
She saw in him
A reflection of herself
It’s worth to mention
He sported
A tight Grin
Apprehension in sight

His words resonated
Deep within her being
Mirroring the echoes
Long trying to escape
The walls of the caves
She’d built
Her mangled heart
No longer in the position to heal
Thinking it would be better
If she refused to feel

A classic story – hers
Of rags to riches
Oops – riches to rags
The love she should have
Saved for herself – a treasure
She handed out like charity
To those in need
The tender touch with which
She needed to soothe her wounds
Lost – now her calloused hands
Provide no warmth

Thousand different places
His words touched her
All shattered pieces of her
Somehow still together
Despite being broken
The poor heart
One of them special – the most
The only part that now
Belonged to her
It was hers to own

Image Source: Fabian Perez

Lonely Young Woman

The lonely little girl grew up
To be a vivacious young woman
The smile that graced her face
Not entirely the same
Her resolve slowly cracking
For that she had nobody to blame

She lost the footing
That once she used to ground
Trust, she could no longer revive
Not of herself, nor of those around
So did the only thing she could
Living as she would just to survive

Moving on was a pretence to be kept
Something amiss from her story
Now glazed the once passionate eyes
Masking the fear or making up for the lack fury
The wrongs she continued to suffer
Never got a day in front of the jury

The vow of silence she continued to keep
Screaming away her pain quietly
In the dead of night she continued to weep
Life is oft not fair that much is knew
Justice would be served if God existed
She prayed softly for her faith to renew.