Grace (II)

Artwork by Elisabeth Lisa
Grace (ii/iii) (Read Below)
She remembers his face,
a face all too familiar.
The rhapsodic look in his eyes,
the gentle curve of his smile
the sharp edges of his jaw,
the sleek terrain of his nose
the darkness emanating
from his being,
his magnetic pull
ever so strong.
A face, all too familiar,
one too many times she’s seen.
A face she’s known for ages
since her soul was
birthed into existence,
age after age,
eon after eon;
engraved into her conscious.
She seeks him out
in every lifetime,
sometimes several times
in one,
only to be scorned
but always with a touch of love.
She seeks, she struggles, she strives
she finds, she falls, she loves,
somehow it’s never enough.
—–To Be Continued—-
To read Part 1 please click here!

7 thoughts on “Grace (II)”

  1. I love this concept, of souls continuously searching for one another. I often wonder if we really do find our soul mates at different points throughout time. Great writing, Rose.

    Liked by 1 person

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