The Devil’s Call


Image Source: Deviantart
In a sultry-dulcet tone,
he beckons me close.
“Come here, darling,
let me look into your soul.
Don’t be shy now.
I promise it won’t hurt.
C’mon now, love,
don’t be so curt.”
Now if I wasn’t so afraid,
I might have taken
him up on his offer.
I knew not,
what had him so
So I silently quivered,
and shook
where I stood.
He looked at me next
as though my actions
had him perplexed.
A light flickered
somewhere in the room
and the darkness spread;
previously golden orbs,
now glowed in red.
Breathless, I moved back,
stumbling, tumbling
before I hit the ground,
he caught my fall;
he smiled richly,
all while capturing
my heart,
“Sweet, little girl
nobody ignores
the Devil’s call.”




8 thoughts on “The Devil’s Call”

  1. Very nice poem. This is amazing coincidence. Thanks Melinda for directing me here. I actually used the same image as well but on facebook. I think on wordpress I used other images for my Devil’s wife story.

    Liked by 1 person

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