Dimidium [Masterpiece]

The canvas of my soul is no longer empty
For you have made it your home
A beautiful stranger or the devil himself
Who you really are I can no longer tell, still
I continue this endeavour for my sanity’s sake
How can I forget, to you the promise I made

I started with the smile that first drew me in
Beautiful, for there is no other word for it
The only way I can describe the sly grin
Embodiment of mischief, trouble personified
Unable to decode it’s silence
I can assure you my dear I have tried

Then came your eyes, harder to depict
They are like the stars, shimmering red, gold and blue,
Their splendour surpassed by none other than the one
That’s always due to come out right after then sun
With jagged edges, rough patches and valleys dark
He shines brighter than all the rest of the stars

You might think that I spoke too soon
If you look closely, he actually shines brighter than the moon
The ethereal glow ever present on his face
Illuminating the his features, epitome of grace
I long to immortalize in words only what my eyes have seen
The angel, the devil and all that is in between

We’re halfway through our journey! From here onwards things will change up a bit. The next few instalments will feature a little bit about the painter before we wrap it up with completion of the ‘metaphorical’ painting. Thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride. If you’re reading for the first time… be sure to read the other  poems in the Masterpiece series [Click here]!!

Love Always,

Image Source: Portrait by Harding Meyer


21 thoughts on “Dimidium [Masterpiece]”

  1. Honestly, the picture you have been painting so far is so beautiful…you are revealing the pieces little by little and each time it makes the story more complete…keep going 🙂


    1. I tried my very best to tie in all that I’ve written before, to bring it all together to a semi-conclusion, hence the title. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation Melinda. Your continued support means a lot to me. I always look forward to hearing your feed back! 🙂

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