Burning Star

May be it’s a blessing
May be it’s a curse
To have never felt love’s warm embrace
To have never looked someone in the eye
And see what it means to be
Someone’s whole world
Their end and their beginning

May be I am just destined to be
The lone star in this vast universe
Fated to burn out until all that’s left me
Is the brilliance and light of a supernova
Perhaps someone will love me then, without sway
And see the beauty that was always within
In the fleeting moments before I fade away

The other perspective

Love Always,


27 thoughts on “Burning Star”

  1. This is alchemy
    We are creating something
    Exchanging subjective feels that you can’t really
    Understand unless they are filtered through your own experience
    Words are just placeholders
    Answers are not obvious
    Tension is what creates growth
    So surround yourself with things that stretch you and challenge
    What you think
    That is the intent behind all my words

    Listen to all

    When I look into the void of me
    These are the words and feelings waiting for me
    I don’t understand them all myself
    That is a wonderful mystery and gift
    Sorry to engage so directly
    Back to the abstract words of our heart

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    1. β€œSilence is an ocean. Speech is a river. When the ocean is searching for you, don’t walk into the river. Listen to the ocean, and bring your talk to an end. Traditional words are just babbling in that presence, and babbling is a substitute for sight.”

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      1. I would love to get back to you and I am certain that I will. I am just in the middle of a lot things a moment and lack the clarity I need. And I am honoured to have earned your respect. I would do the right thing and return your compliment, yet words are not enough (never will be) to sufficiently explain my feelings towards your work. It’s something that moves me and forces to me to think beyond the mundane routine of life. Your words transcend the confines of this worldly realm.

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