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Lonely Young Woman

The lonely little girl grew up
To be a vivacious young woman
The smile that graced her face
Not entirely the same
Her resolve slowly cracking
For that she had nobody to blame

She lost the footing
That once she used to ground
Trust, she could no longer revive
Not of herself, nor of those around
So did the only thing she could
Living as she would just to survive

Moving on was a pretence to be kept
Something amiss from her story
Now glazed the once passionate eyes
Masking the fear or making up for the lack fury
The wrongs she continued to suffer
Never got a day in front of the jury

The vow of silence she continued to keep
Screaming away her pain quietly
In the dead of night she continued to weep
Life is oft not fair that much is knew
Justice would be served if God existed
She prayed softly for her faith to renew.

Where Is My Smile?

Where has my smile gone
I don’t remember when I saw it last
Etched into a photo frame or
Replicated in the mirror
The corners of my lips turned upside
The slight dimples on my cheeks deepened
Cheekbones highlighted

Where has my smile gone
What was my crime
For it to have left me bereft of any joy
I have been mourning its loss
Searching the depths of my heart
The secret corners of my mind
I haven’t found it yet

Where has my smile gone
Am I not worthy of it’s presence
Happiness not a part of my stars
I miss the crackle of my laughter
Followed by it’s pleasant visage
I long for a morsel of happiness
That I’ve been deprived of so far

Where has my smile gone
Oh please tell me
Where has my smile gone
I know not where it hides
If you see it in passing
Please return it
So that this forlorn life I may enjoy

Miss Me

Will you miss the way I gave you my all
Will you miss the way I answered your every call

Will you miss how in my life you had the starring role
Will you miss the way you owned my mind, body and soul

Will you miss the way my arms around your neck rest
Will you miss how well my body fit against you chest

Will you miss the way your name escaped my lip
Will you miss how my essence filled you up to the tip

Will you miss how my heart beat with yours in sync
Will you miss the way my body was covered in your ink

Will you miss how good we were together
Will you miss what could have been whether

We were meant to be, I can’t help wonder
Will you ever miss me?

~Romancing Life