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Where Is My Smile?

Where has my smile gone
I don’t remember when I saw it last
Etched into a photo frame or
Replicated in the mirror
The corners of my lips turned upside
The slight dimples on my cheeks deepened
Cheekbones highlighted

Where has my smile gone
What was my crime
For it to have left me bereft of any joy
I have been mourning its loss
Searching the depths of my heart
The secret corners of my mind
I haven’t found it yet

Where has my smile gone
Am I not worthy of it’s presence
Happiness not a part of my stars
I miss the crackle of my laughter
Followed by it’s pleasant visage
I long for a morsel of happiness
That I’ve been deprived of so far

Where has my smile gone
Oh please tell me
Where has my smile gone
I know not where it hides
If you see it in passing
Please return it
So that this forlorn life I may enjoy