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It happens because it has to

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Just as the grass will turn green in spring and the leaves, a myriad of colours in October, the Earth will become barren come winter. The sun will rise to give birth where decay once lay. It will rise to burn life to the ground. The rain will fall when the Earth is parched. It will fall even when the Earth has had too much to drink. This is the balance of nature.

Your body grows until it begins to shrink. You rise and fall with every breath. You disintegrate and renew each day. Year after year. Month after month. Day after day. The cycle repeats. Like love and and heartbreak. You love. You hurt. You forget and you learn to love again. This is the balance of life. Always precise. Not an event out of line.

Don’t question the timing of things. Everything happens precisely when it should. As it should. Precisely.

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Dreaming Dreams Away

I sit, I weave
Elaborate dreams
So large, so grand, so elite
Like the gown of an empress
Only it’s ripping at the seams

I will conquer this realm
Be the supreme queen
Rule this wretched world
With power at my helm
Oh, so grand are my schemes

I dream, oh I dream
Of riches
Of adventures to unknown lands
Climbing perilous mountain tops
Sailing though the wicked seas

I need to feel the wind in my hair
The chill deep in my bones
I dream, I dream to feel alive
Oh, I desperately need to dream
Dream I will, just to survive.