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The Beginning at the End [Masterpiece]


Strangers come and go as they please
Some stay a moment, others just pass you by
Some you remember for longer than a while
Some become lost through the passage of time

I met a stranger once – one too many times
Who stayed a moment before he had to say goodbye
With words, I’ve committed him to memory
Memories that will live long after I take my last sigh

An odd curiosity, in the way with which he allured me
Not love at first sight nor infatuation of any kind
It was admiration, just a peculiar fascination
With the mystic illustration of a human mind

So I did what any good artist would do
Art in the image of my words he – flawed
And beautiful, a model coloured with my essence
A Masterpiece hereafter remembered as
The Stranger with the striking smile

The end might not be as how you might have expected. I certainly didn’t envision it like so. A final thank you to all of you lovely folks for supporting me through my maiden journey as a writer. As the title may have has already suggested, this is not truly the end. It is the beginning of something new.

Please follow me on my new adventure as I write to my heart’s content in the “Letters to the Stranger.” You can read the first letter here! To read the rest of the Masterpiece Series please click here

Love Always, 


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I cried for you
I cried for me
I cried for us
For our broken hearts
And our shattered dreams
I cried for the possibility
Of what we could be

I cried for the love we shared
I cried for all those moments
In which we cared
More than I am willing to admit
I cried for the happiness
That’s been lost
Perhaps it will find its way home
After the storm has had time to sit

I cried for the little moments
Of craziness and joy
I cried for the finality
Of the reality
That I could foresee
Knowing that our chapter in life
Had come to an end
It was now time
To turn a new leaf

Broken-hearted while I may be
I find solace in having been given
The chance to know
A soul as beautiful
And resilient as yours
To have been touched by
Your kindness
Your special brand of crazy

I knew forgetting you
Was not an option
Letting you go wasn’t easy
I wanted to hold on so selfishly
If only I was brave or fooling enough
To choose a path that I knew
Would lead to destruction
Doing irreparable damage
To both you and me

For a fact I know
I can never explicate
What you meant to me
But I do know this
I loved you
I always will
It was my misfortune
And mine alone
That I couldn’t love you
The way you wanted to be

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