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It happens because it has to

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Just as the grass will turn green in spring and the leaves, a myriad of colours in October, the Earth will become barren come winter. The sun will rise to give birth where decay once lay. It will rise to burn life to the ground. The rain will fall when the Earth is parched. It will fall even when the Earth has had too much to drink. This is the balance of nature.

Your body grows until it begins to shrink. You rise and fall with every breath. You disintegrate and renew each day. Year after year. Month after month. Day after day. The cycle repeats. Like love and and heartbreak. You love. You hurt. You forget and you learn to love again. This is the balance of life. Always precise. Not an event out of line.

Don’t question the timing of things. Everything happens precisely when it should. As it should. Precisely.

© Romancing life | 2017


Handsome Devil [Masterpiece]

T’is an eerie night
Enveloped in the a nest of vicious cold
The wind howls ferociously
Bracing for the impending storm

Empty streets welcoming
Prowling predators with open arms
All the evil in the world come alive
Tonight, demons are reborn

The devil emerges from the shadows
He’s come up to a pay visit to the neighbourly folk
Young maidens, sultry sirens and
Those whose souls he owns

You could say he’s handsome as hell
Intoxicating and delicious looking
Don’t you dare mistake his grin for charm
I assure you, he only means you harm

Before you know it you’ll be under his spell
Making a home in your heart – his command
Without a doubt you will let him in
Soon he’ll have you committing every known sin

Oh what you wouldn’t do for him
Capture and kill, all against your will
All for just a night in pure bliss
Be certain that this is a fight you’ll never win

The Beautiful Stranger has turned into the Handsome Devil.. .Just in time for Halloween. Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

Love Always,

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A Pumpkin’s Tale

This piece managed to bring the biggest and most genuine smile on my face. One of the most important person in my life fondly calls me Pumpkin. It is a reminder of happy times and even happier memories. I hope it brings forth a smile on your face as well. Happy reading!


Find a little kid to share a snuggle with, get yourself some pumpkin pie and read this to them. They will love you forever, or at least a very long time until they become teenagers. If there is no kid around, read this tale of a jack-o-lantern to yourself, and the child within you will be revived and excited just in time for Halloween!  


Walking through an eerie forest trail,

I heard a soft whimper from beneath.

I knelt down to see what the poor thing was by my feet.

Buried under freshly fallen red leaves

sat the most orange, roundest and plumpest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!

It’s eyes were perfect triangles, my teacher would give them the highest grade,

a fair little nose above a tiny stretch of squiggles – its mouth was so finely made.

“Oh little pumpkin, why do you cry?”

“you are so beautiful, tears don’t suit your eyes.” I whispered.

After sobbing a…

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Devil Dear


Dedicated to all the good girls who fell for the bad boy at some point in their lives… 

Oh how you wound me
With your careless abandon

Bringing me in close
Then letting me dangle

Malicious thoughts, nature vile
Those intoxicating eyes, that sinful smile

Offering a kiss and something more
A sure promise of settling score

My shaky resolve not worth a dime
Magnetic pull – stronger each time

Never learning, making the same mistake
Anything to ease this endless ache

Not the good guy, always the other
Falling from one soulless heart to another

In love with the Devil reincarnate
Always the same antics, just a different face

Image Source: Devian Art

A Walk in Autumn

Red, orange, yellow, browns and blues
The path oft decorated with vibrant hues

Eerie sound made by the rustling leaves
The light wind shy of the magic it weaves

Way lit by the brilliance of the setting sun
Senses bewitched by the quaint valley one by one

A chilly fall evening showcasing its splendor
Demure smiles, coy looks, young love in all its grandeur

Leading the travellers on a journey most romantic
The beat of the hearts can be heard, getting a bit frantic

Two hands linked, a fit so fine and unique as lock and key
They walk in silence in the chosen fashion of destiny

Love always,

~ Romancing Life

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