Venice – City of my Dreams

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”




So cold inside
Hurt and scarred,
I would have let go,
Had it not been for the hope,
Now long diminished.

All that was left,
To break down and kneel.
No strength had I left,
Yet I gather courage.
Pick up the pieces
A puzzle, I can no longer fix.

Carry on, I will,
For life does not stop,
It runs.
Along the way come,
Tears, happiness, hurt and joy.

The light will shine,
And the darkness fade.
In the drowning sea,
I will find my buoy.
I will survive.

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You were the light amidst
The dark corners of my mind
Your eyes shown brighter than
The stars – so full of light

Promises that you made
Showed me life
Rosy cheeks and wide smiles
Gave witness to the
Confines of my mind

Gave you my heart,
Mind, body and soul
I did in a complete surrender
Hoping that you would
Cherish and let them bask
In your light

You did for a while
An intricate illusion
I let render me a fool
Perhaps longer than
What should have been right

Once again, it consumes me
My existence, it defines
Darkness, Darkness
Please let in some light…

In Love with Life