Seeds of Happiness

You plant a seed. You provide it with plenty sunshine and you hope for plenty of rain. You wait for life to grow. You watch the tiny seedling transform into a beautiful bloom. However, it is important that you do all this patiently. Take away patience or any one of the ingredients mentioned above, then you have left but a worthless plant with weak roots likely to meet its demise before it has had the chance to flourish. Think of your happiness the same way. Plant a seed. Nourish it with good deeds. Offer it contentment. Weed out the greed. Sow the seeds of happiness, dear friend, and watch the smiles grow.


7 thoughts on “Seeds of Happiness”

      1. It’s actually quite warm in Ontario. You can probably tell since I’ve chirping like a sparrow, singing songs of spring since the past couple of days. Warms hugs to you from a relatively warm Ontario!😊🌹

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      2. Glad to hear it’s warm where you are and sing away, my friend. I see the windows of my car are covered in thick frost this morning and the freshly fallen snow tells me that winter is not going out without a fight. Thank you for the hugs 🙂


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