Image: Google


Two night past today,
I, too, longingly
observed the moon.
It appeared to be full,
but not quite.
than it is in the summer,
yet no less beautiful.
It shone in the sky
with all it’s brilliance.
The clouds,
despite their best efforts
could not dim it’s shine;
the surrounding
iridescent light
only added to
its splendour.
how could l not wonder,
if you stood
under the same sky
but in a land
far out of my reach
and looked at it
the same way –
with admiration,
and eyes full of longing,
like the billions of
burning stars,
who only hope
to touch it
but can only
gaze from afar.
how can I not wonder
if it played
the same music
when it pulled on
similar strings
as my heart?

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