Ghost of Love

β€œI don’t know of love. I don’t believe it exists. It’s only those who claim to acknowledge the existence of ghosts, preaching what they have seen.”

Love Always,



18 thoughts on “Ghost of Love”

  1. I’ve often thought of love as a drifting fog, perfume, idea, reality… it doesn’t remain. It appears and we have to take advantage of it while we see it because it does travel away and hopefully back in many ways and through different relationships. I don’t know but I think your words are so fitting.

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    1. Funny that you should say that. I am about to post a little something based on scent. And, what you’ve said is very profound. If anything love is fleeting. It’s like the sands of time. Always drifting, it’s only in your hands for aa moment before it slips away and despite your best efforts, there’s no holding on.

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      1. Right… and isn’t it holding on that we lose something? I think there’s a better way and that is to not hold on but to stand inside of it while it’s around. I think need or greed gets the best of us.

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