Dancing with the Devil (i)


Image Source: Be Sketchy
“You have the face of
a devil,”
her laughter echoed
the old marble structure
under which they stood.
He frowned.
She giggled some more,
her melodious voice
bouncing of the ancient walls –
walls that had not heard
a mortal sound
long lifetimes past.
“…like that of an innocent child,
untouched, pure and milky white.”
Bewildered, and bemused
he looked up
and then down,
after a deep thought
concluding she’d lost
her pretty mind.
She’d heard
the words he didn’t
her mind a million
miles away,
the part of her present
with his continued to play,
“You’re are a beautiful man,
too beautiful of your own good,
I see the your gentle facade,
truly my love,
you are a work of art.
I am afraid though,
despite your charms
you’ve lost this war.
you’ve lost your chance.
I won’t offer the
devil another dance.”
© 2016 Romancing Life

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