The Falling

I think,
I think I am falling in love with you.
Wait, don’t fret;
not in the classic way
we have been all taught to fall in love.
Oh no, it’s far too less
than what you deserve.
I don’t love you;
no, I, with a certain conviction,
But I think,
I think I am falling for you.
I am falling hard, tumbling,
plummeting and sinking
in the depths of this love
that’s beginning to swell.
The kind of love,
not present any physical form
nor is ostentatious in any manner.
But rather like water steaming
out of an ancient earthy well.
The mist, as it appears before me
laced with the magic of
primordial Gods,
envelops me in its cocoon.
And I find myself struggling
with the odds.
Will I get out of this alive?
Will I lose it all?
In the end,
the answer does not come to me.

To be continued.


11 thoughts on “The Falling”

      1. I do the same thing. I have probably a 100 started stories that haven’t been finished, outlines of stories I want to write, character sketches for characters that haven’t got stories yet, etc… I also have written the ends of stories (and sometimes just their middles) but not their beginnings. 🙂 So I know where you’re coming from 🙂

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