Black Hole

I am sorry, dear friend. I have nothing to offer. I am sorry.

I am empty. Forgive me. I am empty.

– Black Hole


12 thoughts on “Black Hole”

      1. Um….if you will excuse me but in Army-speak I would think it meant something completely different – that it was a big C*U*N*T and therefore alot better than alot of other thigs to control things like paedophilia however it is averting the eye from the real nature of it – the physical contect which is the problem, notthe looking so to speak which is far cry from it. I don;t know….I will feel the way through when I get the chance to think about it a bit more – I think of Pete Townshend’s case for instance and I wonder in what’s the harm in researching it if you have the stomach for it?


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