Too Much

  “I am too much,

Much too much

For the likes of you

To handle.”

You have to know that sometimes people stay away from you not because they don’t like you but because of the exact opposite. They stay away because they like you too much. They can’t ignore you. They won’t, but they don’t approach you. Your energy or may be your love surpasses the capacity of feelings they are able and willing to sustain. So, forgive them for being cruel with your heart. Don’t let them take away your light and your will to fight for love that is true and without stain.


Love Always,



13 thoughts on “Too Much”

  1. I’ve always thought this but felt I would be considered conceited if I voiced this to anyone. Whew! So glad to know others understand this dynamic also.

    I’m super independent and I think this scares men off since they don’t know what role they’ll play in my life. They can’t offer the ‘knight in shining armor’ fairytale since I can be a knight just as well as the rest of them… I’m no damsel in distress… At least not in the traditional sense. Deciphering my needs would take a lot more creativity and not many seem up to the challenge.

    Oh well! Sigh…

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  2. No, you’re definitely not alone and voicing your opinion definitely does not make you conceited. I think this theory works in the romantic and general sense as well. If you’re intimidating, people don’t like to stick around very much. People value their egos too much and/ or lack the ability to overcome their fears to truly embrace a strong individual. I am certain there are many out there who will… It’s just a matter of chance and luck to see when you find them.


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