Raging Storm


Sea Venture in the Storm by William Harrington

My love I am giving you my heart
It’s yours to keep, ugliness apart
Chaos mars it appearance
You can see the bruised corners
The beaten and battered walls
Evident are it’s battle scars

It’s been a through a lot you see
Magnificence and bewitching eminence
Memories of the long forgotten past
It’s a fighter, this one, rugged yet compelling
Though it holds a sea of pain so vast
Hasn’t learned to give up yet

So here’s me taking another chance
With words that oft go unwritten
Sensations that cannot be explained
The hurricane of convulsing emotions
Battling to surpass the flood gates
To cause the inevitable destruction

Here take my heart and place it with yours
Let the storm rage and the waves crash
Anticipate the uproar and cherish the burn
Of salt water and force of nature
Let it leave you breathless and drown you whole
Don’t you see I’ve got you now so

Feel all that I’ve ever felt and once loved
Feel the dissipating dreams burning slow
Feel the devastation of every suffered blow
Feel the tears of each shattered hope
Feel the betrayal of the once treasured, turned foe
Feel the helplessness of a broken soul

No longer will you need excuses
Nor false promises or sweet lies
The lock to the door has now been opened
Take a deep look and see for yourself
Why I am afraid I cannot love you
No matter that it’s all I hope to


© 2015 Romancing Life


23 thoughts on “Raging Storm”

      1. very glad you shared it. It is very well done. there are parts of the poem that strike chords and others paint exquisite pictures of a battered heart in turmoil and yet, through that tumult, is reaching out for love and understanding.

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  1. Wow a very powerful piece of a yo yo going back and forth with the emotion of wanting that person back on one hand and the other hand setting that person free. This is the nature of love and I like that you have written a little dark here. Nicely done

    Liked by 1 person

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