Happy New Year

Romancing Life

Hello Everybody,

Let me start by wishing everybody a very Happy New Year! The past year has been bittersweet, as most years are. Instead of the negatives, I chose to highlight the positives. I am so blessed to have re-discovered my love for writing under the oddest of circumstances. I am thankful for the wonderful connections and friends I have made through the pursuit of craft of writing. I am very excited to explore new terrains in the new year, to go on new adventures. I hope that adventure finds you too.

Moreover, I hope the New Year brings you all an abundance of happiness and joy! Now in an ideal world, I’d leave it at that, but for a fact we do not live in an ideal world. There will be happy times and there will be hard times that you will probably face in the upcoming year. So, I wish you all much strength and perseverance in times of adversity.Time is all but fleeting, so enjoy each and every day, cherish every moment, smile while you can!

Here’s the New Year! Cheers!

Love Always,



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