I hope you never have to know what writer’s block feels like! Alas, I do know not all wishes come true. At least we can find solace in the fact that nothing lasts forever. 🙏


9 thoughts on “Words”

  1. I have not had problems with writers block. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing I go do something else. It is not that I get writers block and have to do something, my mind can be turned off and turned on again. If I can’t think of something to write then I write what’s around me like the garden etc, Some of these have been my best poetry. Best wishes


  2. I hope it passes quickly. I hope that wave of words returns soon. I d0n’t have much time each day to write so I usually have a word war in my head, idesa fighting to get out in the limited time I have to write them down. That’s why I like prompts; they feed the ideas warring in my head 🙂

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