She wasn’t the prettiest
She wasn’t the smartest
She wasn’t the kindest
She wasn’t the sweetest either
Or the brightest
She wasn’t chaos
She wasn’t a storm
She wasn’t art
She had no form
She didn’t sparkle
She didn’t shine
She wasn’t intoxicating
She wasn’t a glass of wine
She existed in harmony
Amongst humans
As she was one too
Real as me and you
Full of flaws

On a good day she smiled
On bad day she cried
She loved to full capacity
She was selfish when times
Called for selfishness
And when her demons came calling
She fought with tenacity
She was a girl full of life
Who didn’t let the world
Drown her in the sea of
Perpetual self-hate
Promoted endlessly
Through every channel
And every outlet
Hate begetting hate

Everything was all right
Until the day she was hit
With a poisonous arrow
Like a snake would’ve bit
What was it that brought her down
Turned that once beautiful smile
Into an eternal frown
Your guess is as good
As mine
Who’s the true culprit
Come on together
Let’s find out.

Hope you enjoy the new series – ‘Story of She’. I have no planned parts for this series. It’ll go on (sometimes not) just as life does!  

Love Always,



30 thoughts on “Real”

  1. Nice hook and well written. I look forward to more of you spontaneity. It is the way I write and I never know what is going to come out of my head onto paper. I always keep a hard copy if for any reason the computer crashes. Look forward to the next. Be well.

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    1. I can totally agree. Spontaneity is the best, especially when it’s related to anything of creative nature. I actually find it very ridiculous that I can no longer write on paper. I have an erratic mind and I change things around a lot. It’s so much easier to erase mistakes on a computer than they are to fix on paper. I look forward to writing the next part as well. Nothing nourishes the soul likes words well written! Thank you once again! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds like my story nothing was happening and for no reason gave up the ghost. Luckily had just done a backup on disk otherwise I would have lost substantial material. I would back them up if it is your writing once a day is what I am doing. Pain but at least you have a copy if anything happen.s

        Liked by 1 person

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