Temple of Isis


There was magic in,

your ancient ruins.

Even as you stood,

in a brand new part.

An ageing  memory by day,

By evening,

a piece of art.

Shrine to the Goddess Isis.

By nightfall,

alight with mystic energy,

present within from the start.

Image: Templo de Debod, Madrid – From the personal archive! 


15 thoughts on “Temple of Isis”

      1. I was the only student from my university. The rest of the program was made up of students drawn from larger universities who all knew each other.I knew no one. I tried to make friends but I got ditched in Paris, switzerland and other european cities different sets of by so-called friends. They didn’t want me around but we had signed up for the same trips and had classes together…I managed on my own but it was lonely and a bit scary ’cause i am not a city girl and I’d get so turned around in them. I used to speak and read French very well so I had no trouble in the Francophone cities but elsewhere eh…thank God for really nice people. I spent part of night walking because i couldn’t find our hotel. So yeah it was the most lonely five months of my life. When I got back my friends were so jealous and our friendships fell apart. The second half of junior year and senior year were pretty miserable because of that but I got through it. being friendless doesn’t kill you. It just hurts. So i wrote a fantasy saga.


      2. Oh wow! I am terrible sorry to hear that Melinda, but tell you what, it is experiences like these that shape and mould us into people of character. Though no one should have to go through what you did, but in retrospect we can say that what you got out of the ordeal was worth more than what you might have lost. I am just appalled to hear that such shitty (sorry not sorry) people exist!

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