Their Story (Part iii)

Earlier when he’d pulled her close,
Her immediate reaction was,
To push him away but now,
As he tugged her closer,
For introspection, she held his gaze.
Perhaps they could work together,
To find their way outside of this maze.
So she tilted her head,
And looked him in the eyes.
Bringing her wine-stained lips,
To his- coloured roguish with rum.
The soft feather like feeling- liberating
Of the chains that held them captive.
It felt like mountains had been moved,
Their hurts could now be soothed.

A happy ending, right – that’s what you want?
But wait, that wasn’t all, with a final kiss,
She walked right outside the hall.
The hurt he fostered within his vaults,
Had seeped into her broken crevices,
The minute she touched his lips.
She had to walk away for her sake this time,
And probably a little bit for his.
Because deep down she knew,
She would not be his salvation,
Nor he hers – as fate would have it
They would be each other’s downfall
If she did not save herself first – she had to
Before she could become the heroine
This hero deserved.

To read part (i) please click here. To read part (ii) please click here!

Image Source: The Embrace by Fabian Perez


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