Their Story – Part (ii)

Beware,” he said
“Comprehend the truth
I am not fond of playing games.
Who I was has been long lost.
Through the ages,
The lives that I have lived,
Have stolen my name.
The lies I have ingested,
The betrayals I embraced,
The fame I gathered,
In the wake of my own destruction,
The beautiful calamity,
In whose hands, my fate had laid,
All have carved out this man,
In front of you now he stands.

Come closer if you dare,
But don’t for a second think,
I haven’t caught your stare.
I see what with much finesse,
You try to hide.
Your sinful smile and doe-like eyes,
Don’t do much to mask,
What truly lies behind.
The look in your eyes…”
She blinks, finally having understood.
“Yes that’s the one.
I have seen it one too many times,
A mirrored reflection,
Of the damage and anarchy,
Those too reside behind mine.”

To read part one, please click here!

Image Source: The Embrace – Fabian PerezΒ 


17 thoughts on “Their Story – Part (ii)”

  1. wow lyric genius at work here. There is so much to comment on but the end is most deserving of comment. I love the twist and upon a second closer read, it’s not a twist per se because the hints were there though disguised by your clever use of language.

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