Their Story – Part (i)

Lush seating, champagne & wine
Under the pale golden light
Of the grand ballroom
She saw in him
A reflection of herself
It’s worth to mention
He sported
A tight Grin
Apprehension in sight

His words resonated
Deep within her being
Mirroring the echoes
Long trying to escape
The walls of the caves
She’d built
Her mangled heart
No longer in the position to heal
Thinking it would be better
If she refused to feel

A classic story – hers
Of rags to riches
Oops – riches to rags
The love she should have
Saved for herself – a treasure
She handed out like charity
To those in need
The tender touch with which
She needed to soothe her wounds
Lost – now her calloused hands
Provide no warmth

Thousand different places
His words touched her
All shattered pieces of her
Somehow still together
Despite being broken
The poor heart
One of them special – the most
The only part that now
Belonged to her
It was hers to own

Image Source: Fabian Perez


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