Letter (i) – Embrace the Change

Letter from the Stranger (i) – Embrace the Change

Street Art

My Dearest Rose,

What a wonderful thing it is to hear from you again! You are quite right. It does seem like an age has passed since your words found their way to me. Now that they have found me again, I will hold them close as a jeweller would his precious gems.

Times indeed have changed my dear. Technology has forever changed the face of the world. Nothing will ever be, how it was once was. It is in fact how it should be. We should embrace change with open arms but keep in mind that not all change is good kind of change. Take art as an example. Art has evolved immensely through the ages. Each age has been defined by different artists, different styles and different motifs. You cannot compare Da Vinci’s masterpiece to Picasso’s. Both artists were exceptionally skilled and have been lauded with uncountable praises throughout time, but you cannot compare the two. You can most certainly try though I can assure that you will not find the answer you are looking for within the comparison.

Nowadays, it is with rarity you will find a canvas embossed with paint that holds much value. Many a pieces lie unnoticed on the streets of Paris, Venice & Florence have you, the great cities who have given birth to several maestros and fuelled their creative ambitions. Instead, digital streaks have taken the place of gentle strokes of the paintbrush. It is these very streaks that will define the face of art for this age, an age that too shall one day become a distant memory. Some may very well argue that it is not “real” art, however, the difference in opinion will not change the facts. It is art for the artist who has created it and for those who appreciate it.

You see my dear, if I have not already thoroughly confused you, I will state it clearly – it is okay to accept change; you should embrace it even. I would not advise that you disregard the past. I would have you see the past and present, as companions that are fated to walk alongside in parallels, yet fated never to cross each other’s path. Appreciate the beauty of things that have come to pass, the lessons they taught you and the good fortunes they brought. Learn to enjoy the present, be thankful for what you have got. Now make good use of these gadgets that technology has blessed us with, but do not depend on them at all. Burn your candles, and light your incandescent fairy lights. Write me a letter in your preferred blood coloured ink, on an ancient parchment paper let the words sink. If you write me an email, I will cherish it just the same – as longs as at the end it is signed with your name.

With all my love,

The Stranger

Image Source: Personal Photo Archive

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16 thoughts on “Letter (i) – Embrace the Change”

  1. yes lots of wisdom and I love this line “see the past and present, as companions that are fated to walk alongside in parallels, yet fated never to cross each other’s path.” It’s truth is so beautifully captured. The last paragraph sparkles. A great addition to this series!

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      1. I don’t know.I like flushing toilets, toilet paper, hot showers and clean water. In the past, they had seriously weird notions about sanitation and let’s not forget that they bled you for everything. Have a headache? We’ll just bleed you a bit…Incontinent? We’ll bleed you a bit more…dizzy? A little more than…No thanks!

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      2. Gosh yes! I don’t particularly hate modernization either. At least not when it comes to sanitation! And to be fair they still bleed you out for every little thing you complain about (Speaking from experience here)! 😛

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      3. 🙂 modernization is good. I have lived without running water or working toilets and I can definitely say that going without them is awful and stinky! I hope they analyzed your blood and provided a diagnosis!

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  2. I could go through each paragraph and pick out my favourite parts but that would take forever…all I want to say is this is an awesome mix of creativity and logic..you have portrayed the evolution of art so well!

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