Letter (i) – Concept of Time

Letter (i)


Dearest Stranger,

I cannot recall when I wrote to you last. Perhaps I never began. Perhaps, I have never stopped. Time, as of late has been fleeting yet at the same time unmoving. I feel the days pass, one after another in a quick succession; I cannot seem to comprehend the changes they bring for I am stuck in this rut that is all too self-consuming. It seems ages have passed, new millenniums have taken birth and I stand still at the brink of a new age – unchanging, unmoving, unyielding.

How times have changed! Today, as I sit in the comfort of my office, behind a mechanical device typing these word, I wish it were not these keys under my fingertips but a feather dipped in blood coloured ink painting away letters – letters that would convey my feelings hidden in the soft curves of the feather’s strokes. How I wish it were not these large incandescent lights brightening my nights, but the dim light of a candle providing me warmth under which I would willingly disclose my deepest secrets unto you. How I wish, the only longing I felt, was for the arrival of the postman bringing me news from you.

Instead, I have become used to this unnatural longing that I know not how to make sense of. I continue to stare at these countless lifeless devices I own, to spring alive with noise and light, for them to shine bright with notice and joy, for a sign of life. Oh how I wish things were different… Alas, times have changed and with these changed times so must we. Hence, I continue to type away feelings in hopes that they find their way to you through this jungle we have come to know as the World Wide Web.

Can you please remind me what it feels like to be moving again? Can you please remind me what it feels like to truly be with these times?

I will earnestly await your response.

As always With Love,


Author’s Note: Thoughts and views are most welcome! πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Letter (i) – Concept of Time”

  1. If I could have self-correcting (self-spellchecking parchment and candlelight that rivals a 1000 watt bulb, perfect penmanship from a hand that writes 30 words per minute plus mail delivered as quick as emails then I’ll take what you describe. But only on those terms. Otherwise, I’ll keep my lifeless toys. πŸ™‚

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    1. I could probably do with the self-correcting parchment too… because God knows how many grammatical mistakes I make. Other than that, I think I am bit of an old soul. I could live without these gadgets, I’d be lot more saner I think… but let’s see what advice the stranger has to give πŸ˜‰

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  2. This is a great concept and I agree, Rose, we have to move forward but at what cost? I still hand write to an uncle who is in his late 80s and it is the most rewarding thing when his letter arrives in the mail. Can’t wait to read the stranger’s response πŸ™‚

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    1. I absolutely agree. It’s very difficult to survive without technology in today’s world, yet I can’t help but oft wish for a world without it. I am very glad to hear that you still write hand written letters, for nothing is lovelier.
      The stranger is very eager to respond too. Thanks to technology, it won’t take him a month πŸ˜‰ lets see what insights he has to offer.

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      1. Yes, it is, Rose. I have been able to get by with just this laptop, giving up a smart hone more than two years ago.I like not being connected all the time. I am looking forward to this new feature on your blog. Cheers, Thomas πŸ™‚

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