I cried for you
I cried for me
I cried for us
For our broken hearts
And our shattered dreams
I cried for the possibility
Of what we could be

I cried for the love we shared
I cried for all those moments
In which we cared
More than I am willing to admit
I cried for the happiness
That’s been lost
Perhaps it will find its way home
After the storm has had time to sit

I cried for the little moments
Of craziness and joy
I cried for the finality
Of the reality
That I could foresee
Knowing that our chapter in life
Had come to an end
It was now time
To turn a new leaf

Broken-hearted while I may be
I find solace in having been given
The chance to know
A soul as beautiful
And resilient as yours
To have been touched by
Your kindness
Your special brand of crazy

I knew forgetting you
Was not an option
Letting you go wasn’t easy
I wanted to hold on so selfishly
If only I was brave or fooling enough
To choose a path that I knew
Would lead to destruction
Doing irreparable damage
To both you and me

For a fact I know
I can never explicate
What you meant to me
But I do know this
I loved you
I always will
It was my misfortune
And mine alone
That I couldn’t love you
The way you wanted to be

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11 thoughts on “Apology”

      1. I do find that crying liberates you. I don’t understand why a lot of people see it as a sign of weakness. I think it’s empowering. And thank you so very much for your kind words. It really means a lot πŸ™‚ ❀

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      2. Yes I completely agree. I grew up holding it all in because I had too, that’s what I was taught- it took a long time to learn to let it go- still learning, but always feels freeing when I can and do- and how amazing are you to be able to bring that out! So talented πŸ’—πŸ’—

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I couldn’t agree with your words anymore than I already do. It’s quite special for me to be able to write something that others can connect with as well. So for that I am indeed very glad. Thank you for your kind words and support. xx

        Liked by 1 person

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