A Fair Tale [Masterpiece]


Once upon a time, under the sunshine lived
A wild rose and the devil – an incubus in disguise
Gentle he seemed, in reality anything but
Forever armed with a roguish smile

As he walked through the lush gardens of the earth
Gazing the lands for his next victim – eyes full o’ mirth
Somehow the red-wild rose that she was caught his eye
Blossoming in midst o’ the jungle, anything but shy

Hypnotized by the unruly nature in which she bloomed
A delicate flower perched on high tower o’ thorns
He mistook her for a dame he could easily tame
Approaching her unabatedly, surely she’d heard of his name

T’was long before he realized he should have paid heed
To stay away, now he must pay the price for his greed
She was a biting blizzard, with danger she liked to flirt
Appearances didn’t faze her nor the promise of hurt

A bloodless battle of wits they fought, of no true use
Far too willing she was to indulge, making no ‘scuse
She didn’t fear the unknown, nor his power to seduce
Turning the tables on him, now he was her muse

We’re very close to the end now as this is the second last installment of the Masterpiece Series. Just one more to go! I can’t believe how far this has come along in such a short time.  Please do let me know what you think as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

To read the rest of the Masterpiece please Click Here

Love always,


Image Source: Dark Forest by BaxiaArt & Fairy Tale of the Rose Garden by Kot Valeriy

17 thoughts on “A Fair Tale [Masterpiece]”

  1. Wow this is beautiful in so many ways! First, the imagery (and the title) set a fairytale feel..I literally see a handsome prince walk into the woods, looking around for his next victim. Next, the description of the wild rose is absolutely lovely- her elegance and grace ooze out in your words. Finally, the best part is how she turned the table around…hurray to girl power!!! Honestly how did you manage to write such an eloquent piece of poetry and still manage to put a twist at the end…truly a mind of a genius! Looking forward to the next one and how their story wraps up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much. I put a lot of thought and hardwork into the entire series and I am so happy to hear that you’ve liked the progression. Honestly, you’ve absolutely made my night. I’d sleep in peace and much content… if I hadn’t had that coffee earlier! But once again thank you!! xx


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