14 thoughts on “Attention! ”

    1. I agree. Social media is killing the consciousness of young kids. I am not too old, yet it feels that I was young so long ago. Everything today is about ‘likes’ and seeking validation from others. Not many our living their lives, they are merely pretending to live for the rest of the world.

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      1. Texting is what gets me. Children have lost the ability to play with other kids. Heck we walked to school and did not fear someone kidnapping us. Life is different today. Everyone is self conscious about looks and clothing and being liked as you say. The world is more in turmoil with rumors of wars etc. I never even heard of someone getting cancer and now that is all we here. But we have to stay positive as I don’t like going down that road of negativity although sometimes it is hard not to do momentarily. Be well.

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