Wild Rose [Masterpiece]


A grand vision, she looked at me
With her abysmal-angel eyes
An artful smile tugging tenderly
At her velvety-opulent lips
To see her through my eyes
You would have to give up a lifetime
Are you ready to pay the hefty price

Let me ask you something
Have you ever witnessed
The true force of nature
The savage storm mounting
In the midst of the sea
The waves growing squallier
Untamed wind’s feral screech

Have you stood in the middle of it
Knowing you have nowhere to run
There is no escape in sight
You cannot seek solace from the sun
Nor wrap the clouds around you for relief
Devastation is imminent, though
Your encounter with her brief

Have you not understood it yet
Be fair warned, she ruined me
In the most decadent of ways
I implore you, walk away
For this was the fate I chose
When I forfeited my soul
To the storm
Known as the Wild Rose

The wait’s been a little longer than usual and for that I apologize. This is written from the perspective of the Muse. I hope you enjoy reading and do let me know what you think.Β 

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Love Always,


Image Source: WeHeartIt (Featured), HDWallpaper


27 thoughts on “Wild Rose [Masterpiece]”

  1. I love the comparison between her and a storm; when you call her ‘wild rose’ in the latter stanzas, that storm description earlier imbues the word ‘wild’ with an elemental ferocity rather than something bestial as usually comes to mind when people are call wild. It gives her a whole other dimension of bad ass.

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    1. … I tried. I already had the title before I had the poem.. Perhaps that is why it took so long to write. I am so glad that the result has been better than what I hoped for. And you’re right, she is badass and some more! πŸ˜‰

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  2. This is so beautiful! I love the theme of the ocean and a storm…you have used these elements in such a new and refreshing way without being a cliche. Also love the “wild rose” as it appears to be a beautiful, powerful and a destructive force!!! Gone are the days when beauty had to be shy and timid and just there to look good without any power or personality! Great job yet again πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, the concept of beauty has been typecast. It’s hard to break out of that mould. I am glad that I was able to accomplish something different with this poem. And finally, thank you for reading!


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