Silent Screams

Sadness fills her heart to the brim
Her whole outlook on life is grim
She tries to remain optimistic
But drowns in the sorrows
She can’t keep at bay
No matter how hard she fights
They seem to always want to stay

Giving up would be easy she thinks
No pain, no hurt, no feelings
Would it make life easier to bare
If she could just contemplate how to end
Were she gone would anyone care
She screams and screams her questions
To the world but there’s never an answer

The silence is maddening
Why is no one listening
Why is there no sound
She can’t help but frown
She screams and screams
No one hears her plight
She doesn’t want to give up
She wants to fight

So, she screams some more
Hoping someone will hear her this time
Could they explain, what is her crime
Frustrated, why is there never any response
She screams once more, never realizing
Her screams have been Silent all along

Featured Image: “The Scream” by Edvard Munch


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