Divino-Ambrosius [Masterpiece]


She’d been trying to get drunk
Drunk for a while
Sipping some rum on ice
A lopsided smile favoured her face
Today, anything would suffice
To hide…

‘It’s been a long time’
The stranger smiled
Standing under the dim light
Real, he was real
As the day
Melded into a
Rich night

‘It’s you’ she said
Not a sound after
She looked up
Nothing would come out
In that moment
All the words on her lips

Another soft breath
Her hand slipped into his
An electric exchange
Fire, everything on fire
A burn, deep, too deep
Her senses on
An eclectic high

Decadent – oh so delicious
The universe
In it’s entirety
Bottled up as him
Myriad of sensations
Too, a crisp note of wine

It was was true madness
With another sigh
She took him in – fully
His scent, wreaking havoc
On her nerves
She finally spoke

A special dedication to the one known as “The Stranger” and all of you lovely angels who’ve been so supportive and along for this crazy ride! I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing this! Please let me know what you think. 

P.S. To all those asking, this is not the end! There’s more to come. If you can’t wait until the next installment, you can also read Drunk as an accompaniment to this poem. It can be seen as Masterpiece 6.5!

To read the rest of the Masterpiece Series Click Here!

Love always,

Image Source: The Embrace by Fabian Perez (I am in awe of his work!)


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