Confessions of a Sinner

Your sweet words, and perfect illusions
Kind, gracious compliments
Small talk, big promises and daily intrusions
An intricate design to win my affection

You will not find here what you seek
For I am the model of Imperfection
Don’t mistake my words for assurances
The are only but just words

I’ll leave you with nothing but regret
It’s been so for ages with no change
I’ll have you wishing you could forget
It’ll be too late when you realize

You are not my keeper and I’m not yours to keep
Leaving you empty handed with only eyes to weep
I will have overtaken all you had to give
Your forgiveness I’ll never have for longs as I live

I am a sinner, I commit these sins knowingly
Evoking your love, using all the lures
I’ll have to pay the price one day surely
I should have told you, as I have always known
I am not yours, I am not yours.

Love Always,


Image Source: Sinner1g – Deviant Art


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