Handsome Devil [Masterpiece]

T’is an eerie night
Enveloped in the a nest of vicious cold
The wind howls ferociously
Bracing for the impending storm

Empty streets welcoming
Prowling predators with open arms
All the evil in the world come alive
Tonight, demons are reborn

The devil emerges from the shadows
He’s come up to a pay visit to the neighbourly folk
Young maidens, sultry sirens and
Those whose souls he owns

You could say he’s handsome as hell
Intoxicating and delicious looking
Don’t you dare mistake his grin for charm
I assure you, he only means you harm

Before you know it you’ll be under his spell
Making a home in your heart – his command
Without a doubt you will let him in
Soon he’ll have you committing every known sin

Oh what you wouldn’t do for him
Capture and kill, all against your will
All for just a night in pure bliss
Be certain that this is a fight you’ll never win

The Beautiful Stranger has turned into the Handsome Devil.. .Just in time for Halloween. Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

Love Always,

Image Source: Gucci? (Google)


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